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At SAV25 we are constantly seeking to find new and innovative solutions for our customers' IT needs.
Our solutions are built using only the technology of our very own products provided by our partners. Through our intensive research and product testing we have  come up with unique and innovative solutions to help customers manage and secure any size and type of network.

We have established the most appropriate solutions and services to suit that particular organisationís requirements, which would be dependant on factors such as industry, budget and compliance standards. We have a dedicated in-house technical team with the skills and expertise to fully support our products and services. Our customers are guaranteed the highest service standards available.

Our unique technology solutions can help solve your most pressing network and technology challenges while enabling your team to focus on core business requirements. We can help you improve network availability & communications , enhance customer service,  increase  productivity and boost the bottom line through an optimized technology environment.
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It is not possible to manage any type and size  of network using a single product only.  At SAV25 , We have designed various solutions utilizing our Edge-Core Managed switches, DNS and Clavister to manage network operations . From L2 to L3 , IP address management ,implementation of a single robust DHCP server  and routing technologies , we have devised solutions to optimize these technologies to ensure the continuous and smooth operations of networks.
Our Network Monitoring Platform is PRTG . Our solutions  is suitable for small, medium, and large networks and capable of LAN, WAN, WLAN, and VPN monitoring. You can also monitor physical or virtual web, mail, and file servers, Linux systems, Windows clients, routers, and many more. PRTG monitors network availability and bandwidth usage, as well as various other network parameters such as quality of service, memory load, and CPU usages, even on remote machines.
Communigate PRO is our platform for our building Uniifed Communications solutions. We provide a single platform and interface to access all network communications from data to voice, VOIP and video. Using our solutions , you can access information anytime and anywhere , be it emails, files , website , intranet etc... Email, website , CRM, CMS, ticketing system , VOIP , conferencing, IM and other communications are now available in a single interface.
Network security is not just about antivirus . Nor it is just a firewall. We optimize different security technoogies available from several products to provide a truly network security .We redefining the meaning of Network security. By exploting the security features of different products we are able to deliver a unique and true soltuions to secure your network. using our Firewall Clavister , Edge-core switches, DNS and email systems - we provide a true Network Security.
You do not need a separate appliance to provide load balancing in your network. We simply optimize the features of our products like Firewall, DNS and Email to provide load balancing
We have selected unique products whoch when you combine them ina network , we are able to provide hi-avilablyt for core services . Thanks to Clavister and our DNS, we can now offer a uniwe domain based failover and load balancing system. Using File Replication technologies, we can now provide hi-availability for email systems and more.....
Email security is not just about spam and viruses . You need to employ a secure DNS infrastructure copuple with a reliable routing system. By combinig our DNS appliance, Spamtitan , Clavister, SSL and Communigate PRO - we provide a secure and RFC compliant Secure Email system solutions. A
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