Clavister - The True Next Generation Firewall

Clavister True Next-Generation Firewall is a unique combination of a rock-solid firewall and state-of-the-art next generation features, such as Deep Application Control that enables control of In-App actions and meta-data extraction. The following features are available in any models of Clavister Firewall , you simply need to select the Clavister model appropriate to your network size .

Product - Clavister Security Gateway Appliance
Compact, powerful and cost-effective
Easy to use, deploy and manage
Built-in switch for smooth network integration
Perfect for branch offices and as CPE unit
The Clavister Eagle Series
The Clavister Eagle Series is a set of network security products designed for remote access firewall and branch office applications, which requires excellent performance, world-class design and innovative functionality.
Market leading UTM/NGFW performance
Enterprise class features in desktop form-factor
Easy to use, deploy and manage
Can be used as Integrated Service Router
Perfect for small branch offices and as CPE unit
The CLAVISTER Wolf Series

The Clavister Wolf Series is a set of next-generation firewalls designed for enterprises and data centers requiring high performance, excellent scalability and robust functionality. The Clavister Wolf Series consists of five turnkey, purpose-built 19 1U rack mount hardware appliances, each carefully targeting different enterprise segments. With firewall performances ranging from 3 Gbps to 20 Gbps, the Clavister Wolf Series is designed not only to look great, but also to deliver some serious performance.
Perfect entry-level firewall
Best price/performance ratio
Delivers up to 6 Gbps of next-generation firewalling
Perfect entry-level next-generation firewall
Powerful Next-Generation Firewall with Excellent Performance, Expandability and Scalability
Mid-level, expandable, next-generation firewall
Powerful solution for mid-enterprise and data centers
Delivers up to 10 Gbps of next-generation firewalling
High-end powerful, expandable, next-generation firewall
Powerful solution for enterprise and large data centers
Delivers up to 55 Gbps of next-generation firewalling
Unmatched for price and performance
Powerful, feature-rich firewall
Excellent value for money
Delivers up to 8 Gpbs of next-generation firewalling
Perfect mid-level next-generation firewall
Content Level Security
Clavister includes the Clavister True Application Control, Anti-Virus, Intrusion Detection and Prevention and Web Content Filtering. These security services give you a thorough defense against current threats. Most services are backed by our high-speed service network, the Clavister Service Provisioning Network (CSPN), which enables fast updates for signature and content
Network Level Security
Firewalling, network user authentication and connectivity are central aspects to all Clavister prod-ucts. With support for both IPv4 and IPv6, and firewall performance ranging from 200 Mbps to 1,120 Gbps, Clavister cOS is capable of delivering business value throughout all our main target segments. It also supports IPsec and SSL VPN connectivity to further extend your Clavister capabilities
Network Infrastructure
Clavister products offer high availability and advanced routing concepts, such as static routing, policy-based routing, virtual routing, dynamic routing, multicast routing and transparent mode. This makes our products extremely suitable in highly diversified network environments. Clavister cOS Core also employs a highly efficient server-load balancing functionality for server farms, public Web servers or internal applications.
Centalized Management
For enterprise customers and hosting providers, our Clavister InControl provides an easy to use centralized and scalable management for  any size of  installations. Clavister InControl is a key component in any enterprise solution. For customers with only a single Clavister product, our highly acclaimed Clavister Web Manage-ment solution offers an easy to use way to manage it. Also included with all Clavister products is our efficient command-line interface (CLI), giving you full managerial access to all parameters.
Find out which Clavister firewall platform can best protect your users, content and applications.
Clavister E20
Designed for Branch-Offices and Service Providers
Clavister E80
Enterprise Class in desktop form factor
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