Replicate Files and Folders at Lightning Speed

File Replication Pro is a robust, resource-sparing, cross-platform file replication solution that moves large quantities of files fast.

Product - File Replication Pro
Multiple Replication and Synchronization Job Types
For replicating files either locally or off-site, File Replication Pro supports ‘Copy’ and ‘Move’ operations, whereas synchronization is supported via ‘1-Way Mirror’ or ‘2-Way Mirror’ job types.
Real-Time, Event-Driven Replication
With our ‘Real Time File System Integration’ for both Mac OSX and Windows, File Replication Pro is informed of file events - including creation, change or delete - as they occur, triggering replication of the changes immediately. This is especially suited to environments with large numbers of files and folders, preventing the need for more CPU and time consuming methods of 'directory walks'.
Scheduling Engine
Built-in advanced scheduling options including ability to schedule the number of times and frequency a replication job runs.
Changed Files Only
EFficient algorithm will not replicate files that are identical. It will only copy over files that have changed, providing bandwidth efficiency.
Bit Level Copy
Bit-level replication technology enables File Replication Pro to copy only the changed portions of a file. This technology reduces the required bandwidth making it appealing for replication over WANs and the Internet.
LAN Auto Detection
Computers on your Local Area Network are discovered automatically, thereby streamlining your installation process.
Web based management console
The File Replication Pro Management Console is a complete web-based application providing one central point to configure and monitor all replications. An administrator can access the Management Console from any browser providing ease-of-use, portability, and a common interface. The Management Console automatically distributes any changes to all your servers.
By using standard network protocols, all your servers, whether on a LAN or WAN, can communicate with each other and transfer data.
Filter folders and files
Using include/exclude statements with standard expressions or wildcards. Allows great flexibility in deciding which files or folders are replicated.
Bandwidth Throttling
Control the bandwidth allocated to replication jobs thereby ensuring available bandwidth for other mission critical network operations.
These techniques allow continuous replication and synchronization regardless of the amount of changed data or servers that will be replicating simultaneously.
File Compression
Prior to transfer, files can be compressed using advanced compression techniques, allowing the information to reach the other nodes as quickly as possible.
Security & Encryption
Uses advanced encryption algorithms to secure the data as it is being replicated. In addition, replication nodes can be password protected to control replication access to the servers.
Network Configuration
Assures reliable functioning in complex network environment including inter/intranet networks
File Permissions
Copying and preserving the file permissions for windows and unix is supported including full NTFS descriptors for windows and full uid, and guid for unix.
File Replication Pro (FRP) is a software designed to
replicate files between computers. Whether between
two computes on the same LAN or to 100’s of computers located all over the world.
FRP replicates files automatically and transparently
to the end user .  Replicated file simply arrive either in real time or on schedule to any folder you designate
on the target machine(s).
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