Assessment and Evaluation  Huge emphasis is placed on the staging element of any project, because we understand the importance of providing solid foundations from which to build reliable and stable solutions.  At the early stage of evaluation , we help customers assess their requirements, provide pilot demonstrations , testing and until the full implementation, we have
Remote Support Plan is an optimum alternative to on-premises support after the initial installation. This service enhances your upgrade and support package to provide flexible and fast support, for instance, during re- installation, when you need to move a product to a new server, want to upgrade to newer versions etc.
On-Site Support Plans -  To augment our Remote and KInstallation services,  we offer packaged maintenance services to provide on site support for our products. If you will prefer to have SAV25 engineers on site to personally assist you with our products, this optional services will suit your needs. You can use any of our on site maintenance plans for assistance on product configuration, troubleshooting, installation, re-installation , software updates and updating and upgrading.
Installation Services ensures that our software is installed, deployed and configured in accordance with requirements of the customer. This is generally targeted for medium, corporate and large enterprise installation wherein customer and/or the products involved may require technical planning and discussion prior to deployment to minimize or avoid any downtime. Typically our Firewall, email, network monitoring , DNS and other core network solutions may use this deployment service.

When you invest in any of SAV25's solutions, you gain access to experts who are passionate about helping you manage and secure your IT infrastructure. We offer a comprehensive and customizable maintenance packages to help keep your solution current, prevent any outages and collaborate with our Engineers.
Select from our optional professional services to help you  maximize the value of our solutions. No complex software installations or expensive consulting engagements are necessary-just the right services to accelerate your success.
Services Overview :
Our primary goal is to work closely with our clients, ensuring technology is properly aligned to business goals and objectives.
We have carefully designed service plans for every step of the project , from assessment and   evaluation stage  ,to pilot demonstration and testing , to deployment and preventive maintenance, approrpiate service plans are available depending on csutomer preferences.

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