PRTG Network Monitor: Your Digital Partner

In this generation, where the use of virtual environment has become a choice for most businesses, keeping in touch with their network infrastructure has become a challenge for them: network downtime, network traffic, and network security. With these problems that businesses encounter, this is where the PRTG Network Monitor comes in.

Paessler Router Traffic Grapher (PRTG) Network Monitor is a monitoring tool that provides user-friendly management, high-quality security, and real-time network monitoring. The PRTG Network Monitor’s main function is to keep an eye on the health and performance of the network devices in the network, this can be done even if you are miles away with the use of PRTG Core Server and Remote Probes.

There is a lot of PRTG Network Monitor’s features that can help you in your virtual environment journey, in regards to this, SAV25 Data Systems is willing to assist and provide support for everything about the PRTG Network Monitor.

Why PRTG Network Monitor?

• PRTG Network Monitoring System’s UI
PRTG Network Monitor has a user-friendly interface. It has a simple and unique user interface where you can manage your network with ease. It is as simple as a drag-and drop then configure process.

• PRTG Network Monitor’s Customization
PRTG Network Monitor has a feature called Sensor, where sensors can be added to the network devices to monitor specific status such as system uptime/downtime and system traffic. There are a wide range of sensor selections you can choose from, with the PRTGNetwork Monitor, you can customize your network depending on your needs.

• PRTG Network Monitor’s Alerts, Notification Channels, and Reports
The PRTG Network Monitor’s alerts are important to network monitoring; it can show the specific problem or issue detected in the network. In this manner, it can be troubleshooted early to avoid things that can interrupt the network process. PRTG Network Monitor offers different notification channels as a way of alerting you to issues detected in your network, such as SMS, email, HTTP, etc. Alerts and notifications that are detected in the network have historical data in PRTG Network Monitor; it even has live data that can be generated in the form of graphs and tables for a more detailed report.

• PRTG Network Monitor’s Security
In PRTG Network Monitor, network security is the top priority, so it uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL) security encryption and does not accept unsecure ciphers, meaning all communications between the server and probes have a more secure and smooth network environment.

• PRTG Network Monitor’s Versatility and Reliability
The versatility and reliability of PRTG Network Monitor have been proven many times by different users around the world, product reviews and tests that make it stand out. It’s versatility to use even on low-end devices and on different platforms such as Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android; reliability for its accuracy of alerts and reports, which makes the users love it more. To sum it up, PRTG Network Monitor is a great tool to use in a virtual environment in terms of network monitoring. Its capabilities and performance make it your digital partner, whether you are running a small or big business. 

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