How it works?

BunkerCloud Backup provides you with data protection and restoration of your data. If you need a full disaster recovery – getting your data and the application back quickly without the need for re-installing any OS and application software, please take a look at our BunkerCloud DRaaS.

This diagram shows BunkerCloud functioning as a Backup, Synching and File Sharing Solution. The RED connection indicates the SYNCHING solution while the BLUE connections indicates the BACKUP Solution and the Purple conncetions indicate the File Sharing Solution.

1.Data Backup – This Backup flow starts with Agent Site 01 with a file “BackupData – 01” towards BunkerCloud Core, the core can mirror the file Daily, Weekly or Live. (Blue Connection)

2. Data Synching – This Synching flow starts with the Agent Site 03 with the File Origin “SyncData – 01” going to Agent Site 01 and BunkerCloud Core. (Red Connection) A Two-Way Synching Type for Agent Site 01 and Agent Site 03, where any changes performed between sites is synched / mirrored towards each other. While a One-way Synching is defined on Agent Site 01 towards BunkerCloud Core, meaning any changes on Core are ignored by the 2 Agents.

3. File Sharing – This Sharing Flow Starts with BunkerCloud Core “Cloud Storage” into File Sharing UI to be accessed by the End-Users via Internet. (Purple Connection

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