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BunkerCloud Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is our managed private cloud computing service model designed to guarantee business continuity for companies, enabling you to quickly replicate and restore access and functionality for your IT infrastructure after an outage caused by a cyber-attack, failure, human error, or any disaster.

BunkerCloud DRaaS mirrors your servers or your complete infrastructure in protected mode on virtual servers, including computer, storage, and networking functions. You can continue to run applications on our Bunkercloud network during time of disaster

DRaaS vs. backup as a service (BaaS)

With BunkerCloud DraaS, we move your computer processing to our BunkerCloud infrastructure in the event of a disaster. This way, your business can continue to operate, even if the original network infrastructure is totally destroyed or held hostage. This differs from our BunkerCloud BaaS backup as a service, where only the data, but not the ability to process the data, is duplicated. Because BaaS is only protecting the data, and not the infrastructure, BaaS can be a good solution if you only need to archive data or records. However, you have the option to combine it with our BunkerCloud DRaaS to ensure business continuity.


Bunkercloud DRaaS takes the burden of planning for a disaster off of the organization. You do not need to invest time and resources to research, implement and fully test disaster recovery plans.

DRaaS can save money by eliminating the need for provisioning and maintaining an organization’s own off-site disaster recovery environment. If you host your own DR infrastructure, you need to maintain hardware, software and an IT staff or group standing by if disaster strikes. BunkerCloud takes care of all these workloads for your organization.

Redundant Disaster Recovery Sites. BunkerCloud is currently available on our two geographically independent locations providing a true DRaaS.

Continue to run your applications during disaster! Your server or entire network services can run on BunkerCloud without the need for re-installation of Operating systems or migration of data.

Faster recovery time after a disaster or even instantaneous.

Once the physical servers are recovered or replaced, the processing and data is migrated back to your network.

how it works?

BunkerCloud DRaaS works by replicating your servers on our BunkerCloud network.

You can choose to use up to 2 disaster recovery sites to ensure a fool-proof disaster recovery.

BunkerCloud DRaaS is executed in the event of a disaster that shuts down a customer’s site. Users can access their application on our BunkerCloud network.

Once the physical servers or network are recovered, the data will be replicated back to customer premise and the processing is migrated back onto your network.

For more information on how BunkerCloud DRaaS can help click here.

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