Unveiling BunkerCloud: Your Data's Safe Haven in the Cloud

SAV25 Data Systems proudly introduces BunkerCloud, an advanced private cloud data storage and file management system designed to revolutionize how organizations safeguard and manage critical data.

BunkerCloud is engineered to address the evolving needs of businesses in a data-centric world. With its array of cutting-edge features, it offers a comprehensive solution for data backup, disaster recovery, secure file sharing, file synchronization, and more.

Unified Enterprise Storage System:

At the core of BunkerCloud is a high-end enterprise storage system that seamlessly integrates file, block, and object storage. This unification streamlines data management, making it more efficient and accessible for users.

Automatic Data Corruption Detection and Repair:

Data integrity is paramount, and BunkerCloud ensures it. The system employs automatic detection and repair mechanisms to safeguard against data corruption, providing users with unwavering confidence in their data’s reliability.

Unparalleled High Availability:

BunkerCloud sets a new standard in high availability. Data is redundantly stored across two data centers, guaranteeing seamless operations even in the face of hardware or network failures. Automatic failover to the backup server ensures uninterrupted access to critical data.

Unlike traditional RAID-based cloud storage, BunkerCloud’s redundancy extends beyond disks to servers and entire data centers, further enhancing data security and resilience.

Secure and Continuous File Synchronization:

BunkerCloud offers secure and continuous file synchronization, ensuring that data is always up to date across multiple devices. All communications are encrypted using TLS, protecting data from prying eyes.

Users can choose one-way or two-way synchronization to meet their specific needs, making it a versatile tool for various data management scenarios.

Efficient Remote File Transfer and Sharing:

BunkerCloud simplifies remote file transfer and sharing, offering a cost-effective solution for swiftly and securely transferring files of any type and size across different operating systems.

Key Features of BunkerCloud include:

Large File Transfer: Effortlessly upload and download large files, reducing network traffic and saving time.

Universal Accessibility: Access files from any device with a browser, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Amazon Kindle, and Windows mobile.

Public Links: Simplify file sharing with clients and associates by generating public links, eliminating the need for user accounts.

Remote Clipboard: Copy, cut, and paste files on the host machine from any remote location using the integrated remote clipboard.

Integrated Zip/Unzip: Compress and decompress files on the host machine remotely, optimizing network traffic and saving valuable time.

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