BunkerCloud is a Private Cloud service which can be used as backup storage, Disaster recovery as a service, File Synchronization service and File sharing service.

What makes BunkerCloud different from other Cloud Providers?

BunkerCloud is A Private Cloud system, it is a separate cloud environment meant for access and use only for a specific client. It cannot be used by anyone else. Since BunkerCloud has only one user, control, privacy and security are enhanced, unlike popular cloud providers which use shared resources for their clients.

BunkerCloud typically has ring fencing for the sole use of a client, unlike popular public cloud (google, AWS, ..) in which several users will be accessing it. This private nature of the operating environment will enhance the security of the client’s organization.

The BunkerCloud

BunkerCloud Sync provides continuous, multidirectional file synchronization. It synchronizes your files to our BunkerCloud server, safely protected from prying eyes. Your data is your data alone as BunkerCloud is a Private Cloud server. You deserve to choose where it is stored, whether it is shared with some third party, and how it’s transmitted over the internet.

The BunkerCloud Backup

BunkerCloud Backup uses the same synchronization technology as our BunkerCloud Sync but utilizes only a one directional synchronization. This provides a real time synchronized backup of your data to the cloud. BunkerCloud offers a unified storage solution supporting simultaneous file, block, and object protocols to support multiple applications. This makes it an ideal component of your VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, XenServer, or KVM-based virtualization solution like Proxmox.

The BunkerCloud FileShare

BunkerCloud FileShare is an ideal private cloud file-transfer/sharing solution for any type of users, offering a cost-effective way to transfer files of any type and size quickly and easily to any machine running a variety of operating systems.

Users can upload or download files from the host machine using their browser. These files are transferred from pre-defined shared folders that are created by the administrator.

The BunkerCloud DRaaS

Bunkercloud DRaaS protects your infrastructure, both within the company and on the BunkerCloud network , in the simplest and secure way.

Bunkercloud DRaaS is a private cloud computing service designed to guarantee continuity for your business, enabling you to quickly replicate and restore access and functionality for your IT infrastructure after an outage caused by any type of disaster like cyber attack, fire , failure, human error.

An additional BunkerCloud OS will be required for the DR environment, which you can implement on our private cloud network or on your local network.

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