HIP-High Availability IP Services

Unique Hi-availability technology to achieve five nines for your network

Unplanned outages of a business application are costly, not only in terms of revenue loss but also in productivity loss, damaged reputation, and sometimes there are SLA penalties.

HIP is our cloud based Hi-availability services which provides a unique technology to avoid downtime in the circumstance of an outage. In case of any outages, HIP will automatically route traffic to the next available service without the need to change the domain, URL, or IP.   No need to manually switch to a different IP of your ISP.


how it works?

The best way to illustrate how HIP works is by usage example.  

In this example, by assigning HIP as the DNS record of the servers, in case of outages, HIP can route the traffic to the next active server without changing the DNS record.

In the example shown, we have two identical servers in an active-passive mode where the same application is hosted. The server could be a web server hosting web site or any web application , or any type of server. The Domain Name Servers (DNS) of the server points to the HIP IP x.x.x.x. HIP directs traffic to the active server. If the active server fails, without changing the DNS record, HIP will direct traffic to the IP of the passive server. This ensures that traffic will flow to the passive server and uptime will be maintained.

For more information on how HIP can help click here.


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