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Clavister secures and protects enterprise and service provider networks, enabling business continuity with a multi use-case product suite.

The Clavister package

Clavister’s Next Generation Firewall has a very simple licensing model that waives user licenses, software-blades, add-on packages or similar. Instead two subscription models are available enabling basic or advanced functionalities empowering use-cases. Likewise, central management is supplied with both packages, ensuring minimal maintenance and flexible configuration options.

This packaging makes it possible to equip small as well as large companies with a turnkey, highly efficient Next Generation Firewall solution, without having to give up the tried-and-tested universal threat management functionality or have to deploy another appliance for it. With Clavister you deploy a security solution that provides peace of mind with reduced cost.

the clavister ecosystem

Clavister collaborates with and includes technologies from leading suppliers in their field. The Clavister ecosystem focuses on including the best-of-breed solutions and include:

Clavister Network Security – Delivering for your Business

The Clavister hardware Next Generation firewalls

SMB & Branch-Office Firewalls

Powerful and cost-optimized Next-Generation Firewalls for SMB and branch offices. Get the benefit of a full-scale, advanced security features packed NGFW, suitable for your office and hybrid workers, but with a cost advantage.


Campus & Distributed Office

Clavister mid-range Next-Generation Firewalls for campuses and distributed offices. These firewalls are feature-rich with integrated capability and deep visibility, that provides protection against advanced cyber threats and helps you to manage hybrid environments seamlessly.

Datacentre & Service Provider

Our Next-Generation Firewalls offer high-capacity protection for data centres and service providers. Equipped with scalability, availability, and high-performance features, these high-end NGFWs are designed to meet the security requirements of hybrid networks. Performance and capacity have been verified by leading testing laboratories.

Virtual NGFWs Without any Compromise on Performance or Scale

Clavister Virtual Series

Best-in-class network security delivered via virtual firewalls, flexibility to use on their own or in combination with hardware appliances – why settle for less when you can get full flexibility and full security. We have been providing completely virtual firewalls for more than a decade, and are so sure of our virtual firewall series that we have formally collaborated with Intel Labs and routinely validate speed and performance in their labs.


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