SWEB- sustainable website development

Sustainability and user experience


S-WEB (Sustainable Website) is our approach to delivering web services to customers which puts people and environment first. It delivers digital products and services that respect the principles of the Sustainable Web Manifesto: clean, efficient, open, honest, regenerative, and resilient.

SAV25 Data Systems is the only verified green hosting provider in the Philippines by Green Web Foundation. Click on the badge to verify.

Why adopt SWEB concept for sustainable website?


Sustainable Web Design– your website passes the carbon test and is hosted on our green data center. As the only verified green hosting provider in the Philippines, you can find us listed on the Green Web Directory of the Green WEB Foundation.

Secured – multi layer website protection from Immunify 360 and Clavister. Clavister provides PERIMETER DEFENSE: Bot Mitigation, Intrusions Prevention, Malware Protection and DDoS Protection



Your website runs on our Hyperconverged Infrastructure and disaster recovery provided by our BunkerCloud DRaaS. In our HCI, your website is replicated in real time on 3 servers. If one of the servers becomes unavailable, users will be routed to the next server. Ensuring true –hi –availability. In the worst-case scenario, the 3 servers goes down, BunkerCloud DRaaS provides a real time replica of your website, our HIP will automatically route all traffic to the replica of your website courtesy of our BunkerCloud DRaaS.

Immunify 360 provides the next layer of protection

Imunify360 is a comprehensive security platform for web-hosting servers. It utilizes highly tailored and integrated components for proactive real-time website protection and web server security. It’s not just antivirus or WAF. Imunify360 combines an Intrusion Prevention and Detection system, a Web Application Firewall, Real-time Antivirus protection, a Network Firewall, and Patch Management components. These elements are seamlessly integrated for flawless interoperability that instantly detects, fixes, and protects from any threats that a web-hosting service may encounter.


Minimize the amount of energy required to run your website, which will in turn reduce your emissions. Less Resources + More Efficiency.

A sustainable webpage promotes company culture as much as community impact. Make your company feel like it’s part of a bigger movement.

Sustainability is often seen as a positive attribute, and it can help to build trust and credibility with your target audience. 

You are helping to protect our planet by reducing your emissions and resource consumption.

Make your website more user-friendly and accessible with faster loading time of web pages and an attractive modern- looking interface.

Improve your website’s performance and reduce its load time for better overall efficiency.

How SWEB works?

1. If you have an existing website you want to comply with GreenWeb foundations standard, Submit the URL to us.

2. Using your existing site design, we will assess and make recommendations on how we will make your website more energy efficient by optimizing your website’s images, fonts, and videos to make them less energy consuming. This results in a high score for carbon test results.

3. Or if you do not have a website yet , or you want a new website , we can design, develop and host your new website in full compliance with with Green Web Foudation standards.

4. Your new website will be hosted on our green data center. SAV25 Data Systems is the only verified green hosting provider in the Philippines by Green Web Foundation, thus ensuring full compliance with the Green Manifesto.

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